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Invitation online is trend

With technology increasingly invading our environments, our interactions with other people and our day to day in general, it is no wonder that it even affected the invitations for any occasion. Whatever the event, with more or less relevance the online invitations are there! Now is the online invitation as beautiful and with as many details as the invitations printed? The design team at Conviter works hard to make our invitations as efficient as graphics templates, even with the ability to insert a photo that will make the invitation even more unique, becoming a keepsake for the guests. The advantages of having an online invitation is that in addition to being quick and convenient to make, the cost is much lower and you can send it all at once to all the guests through chat applications or through Social Networks such as Facebook, Whats App and via email. No need to visit guest to guest and spend with transportation still. Another advantage is that an online invitation can be archived in your digital folders, social media albums or even in the cloud, allowing access at any time. Quite different from the printed invitations, which were so well guarded that they were lost amid other memories. With all these possibilities that technology allows us, it is not only the people who are benefited, but the nature as well! Digital invitations save our trees and save on paper and tapes, which often end up being dumped in the trash. Access, create your own cheap invitation online and follow this trend. Your guests will love it.

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invitation template

The choice of invitation template can be extremely complicated and often stressful because you can leave it to a designer to do and often the result is not expected or you will be hours and hours in front of the computer to choose the ideal invitation template and for many times will not find. I bet you're agreeing with me. What if I present you with an online tool where you can find the perfect invitation template, separated by categories making it more organized and knowing that all invitations are made by designers who are careful to develop them. I present you with, a quick and practical tool to solve your problems when choosing the invitation template. It is extremely easy, just fill in the data you want to insert in the invitation and select the category that best suits the occasion such as: weddings, birthdays, weddings, parties, among others. If you want a template for birthday invitation but want to separate for children, teenagers and adults you can, because within the anniversary category itself you can select the one of your preference. So how about accessing right now and finding the perfect invitation template for you? All in a very fast and practical, without stress and rush.

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5 Tips for using your online invitation

Today we will introduce you to some tips so that we can take advantage of our invitations online! Tips on how to forward your invitation, tips on adding messages to get your guest's attention, and more. Tip 1: Keep your invitation simple and objective. Try not to write very long sentences, in addition to polluting your invitation there is a big chance that the guests do not read it, use short and effective sentences, for example: Birthday of 3 Year "Do not forget about my party", or add the image of the birthday child and write "I will be very happy with your Presence", opt for messages of sentimental appeal. 2nd Tip: Capriche in the Title. Instead of just writing invitation, modify and write: Birthday Invitation - 3 Years of Luiz, for example. 3rd Tip: Add photos. As we at we offer the option to add photos to the invitations enjoy and capriche the chosen photo, check that it is not cut and that is very clear, this will leave your invitation with a unique look. 4th Tip: Check before finalizing. Before completing your invitation, review all the words, see if everything is written correctly or if you have something you want to change. Well, a well written invitation gives a good first impression to the guests. 5th Tip: Create a Broadcast List or Contact Group. If the event is more informal create a group of contacts and forward your invitation, always remembering to ask for confirmation of attendance. If it is a more formal event as a wedding we advise you to use a WhatsApp broadcast list so that you will forward the same message to several contacts at the same time and the person confirms at the same time and only you receive a more organized and practical to work with your online invitation. These were some tips for you to enjoy your online invitation even more.

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Growth in the search for online invitations

It does not take much time to notice the ever-changing technologies and products. Think about it, a commercial in offline format that only happened on TV, newspaper advertisement or magazine now has the competition of the online media through social networks, online videos, websites, blogs and among others. In this trend, it has also changed a lot was the way we communicate by messages, a little ago was little used, but today with the messaging applications became much easier, faster and become a much more alternative account. Following this reasoning of change of "platforms" I come here to talk about the great growth in the search for invitations online at, that same invitation online, today you do not need to fill invitation by invitation or then go to a graphic / agency to create a invitation. You can do all this in the comfort of your home on your smartphone, tablet, notebook and desktop. Watching is changing and growing the search for online invitations does not leave you behind, now you can count on hundreds of templates exclusive to your event, be it a formal party, a graduation party, fifteen year old party, happy hour and there goes and to make your invitation even more interesting we have the option of adding your photo to the invitation, making it even more unique. Take advantage of this growth in online invitations and modify your way of creating and forwarding invitations. Moreover if you modify this attitude will be helping our planet saving a lot of raw material because it is a technology totally clean and without waste

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Create invitation via Smartphone

Create invitation via smartphone: In the day-to-day run we realize that we are increasingly leaving our computers to routine tasks, but something that we do not disagree on leaving our homes are our smartphones, it is indisputable that after the arrival of this device "darling" our life ended up counting on several facilities, be it through messaging applications, social networks, among others, even replace cameras, MP3, camcorders, etc .... Try it now, creating an invitation with your smartphone is very easy and fast! (I.e. Knowing these advances we at have good news for you. Now our customers no longer need to leave where they are to access on a computer, we care about you and because of that we work with a responsive platform that adapts to any size of screen facilitating navigation, in which you can create invitations very easily through your smartphone or tablet, saving work and gaining much more agility and practicality, all in the palm of your hand. The creation process is the same as you know it, as if you were to create it on a computer, just add the information you want in the invitation, select the template if you log in and finish the process. And then it was much more practical for you to create an invitation through the smartphone, right?

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The evolution in the delivery of an Invitation

The more time passes, the more connected we are getting, whether by the computer, notebook, tablet or by the smartphone. It's clear that many things have changed, whether it's watching a movie, talking to people, or even inviting them to an event. You should remember that until recently we had a traditional way of delivering invitations, that is, you would have to do it and then leave with a list of addresses to deliver the invitation to the invited guests, and then call one by one to confirm the presence. With the advent of digital technology, we entered a phase where invitations could be sent by e-mail, which facilitated and much sending, but still had the discomfort of looking for someone to create the digital invitation, you approve, etc. Sending was easy, but there was often a risk of the invitation falling into the junk box and the guest did not even notice. But, we have evolved even more! Nowadays we can make things easier for you, be it for a birthday party, bridal shower, graduation or even a happy hour. Now, you no longer have to wait for an agency to send you an invite, today you can create your invitation by yourself and forward it from wherever you are, much more practical and fast, maintaining the same quality of an invitation printed on a print shop. But how do you do that? Oras, just go to Conviter. In this site you will include the necessary information like date, place, message and even photos to personalize. Then you have to register and pay, you will have access to an exclusive, modern and practical invitation. Nothing to send emails or go out to deliver personally by spending foot of shoe or gasoline, with Conviter you will have access to the invitation in time, being able to download and send in the simplest, practical and with real-time feedback. Take advantage of social networking as a tool to send your invitation, send it through Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, WhatsApp groups and so on, whether for a more formal or a more relaxed occasion, the online invitation is very well received by invited guests. Now that you know that Conviter is the ideal platform for you and you already know the ways to send your invitation, do not waste time, go to the link below and start creating the invitations for your events of the year right now:

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Various Birthday Invitation Templates

Various Birthday Invitation Templates In search of creating the ideal invitation to be for your birthday party, but are you tired of looking for a model to have with your party? What if you could count on the help of people specializing in creating online invitations to choose the best templates for your birthday? We can help you, with Conviter you will have access to a platform with hundreds of models of birthday invitations at your disposal, there are options for all tastes, from children's birthday parties to your grandmother's Golden Anniversary. As we have a great experience in creating online invitations, we have created templates that accept the insertion of photos to make your invitation even more with your style, making it unique. Do not waste time getting from graphic to graphic or from site to site looking for templates for birthday invitations, because at Conviter you will have all this in your hands without leaving the house. Create your perfect online invitation to make your party unforgettable. Enjoy and send your invitation quickly and practically through social networks. That's it! You can send your invitation online through WhatsApp, via Facebook, via email, finally your birthday party will be modern and full of your friends.

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15 year party invitation

15 year party invitation And the long awaited moment in the life of a teenager, her 15 Years. Generally marked by a great party, where all the glances will be directed towards the debutante, either in the moment of waltz dancing with his father or innovating with the songs of his preference. When we talk about a party for 15 years many aspects should be taken into consideration, such as choosing the venue, the buffet, the music, the desired dress and of course the friends. We can not forget that a fifteen-year-old party will only be complete if it is packed with many friends and family. And for this you need to create an invitation to the party, an invitation that will make your guests remember that date forever. We know that this is a traditional event, but with technology and new ways of communicating, it is necessary to be attentive and innovate. And one of the things that can escape the traditional, is how to create and deliver the invitations. When we think about making the invitations, sometimes we have that desperation, thousands of things to solve and we have to stop to go to a printer to decide the model, choose the paper, the font, the colors and still spend on creation and printing of dozens of invitations. And that's not all, because printed invitations must be delivered in person, one by one. Just thinking is already discouraging. But this is past. Now, anyone can create a 15-year party invitation without leaving home. That's it! An online, virtual, supermodern and practical invitation. At Conviter this is possible because it has a variety of models of invitations online for parties of 15 years. They are invitations designed and designed by designers who took care of every detail to make this moment even more special. Okay, but how do I submit the invitations? Simple and in the most practical way that we have in the present day: through social networks. You can forward a 15-year invitation to all guests in one click, and still request confirmation of attendance. Send your invitation to WhatsApp, Facebook, by email, or, if you wish, you can print. With Conviter's online invitation you save time and money, which can be used for other details of the party. Create online party invitations for 15 years now. It's fast, it's practical, it's cheap, it's modern and innovative! If you want to create invitations to other parties, at Conviter you will find models for birthday parties, baby showers, lingerie, weddings, engagements, weddings, among many others.

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Bridal Shower Online Invitation

Bridal Shower Invitation New house, new stories, new airs and new habits. It is no use to want to evolve and stay still using the same techniques for decades. Your new home may be the new step to start new habits, such that instead of buying thousands of printed invitations and filling out one by one, you can create an online invitation, differentiated, beautiful, practical and environmentally friendly with Conviter? Here you can create your unique bridal shower invitation, because we at Conviter think of every detail to make it special and make this moment even more enjoyable and practical. Have you ever thought you would not have to leave the comfort of your sofa to buy the invitations? I bet you just get tired of it, but at Conviter you do not even have to leave where you are, here you can create your bridal shower invitation by any digital platform, be it on your computer, your smartphone or tablet. Not to mention the variety of our invitations, you may even have the option of adding a photo, making it even more unique. And do not think of how many invitations to buy, once you have bought the invitation for bridal shower in Conviter you can send as many people as you like, through social networks, be it Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, among others. And so, are you waiting for what to create your bridal shower invitation right now?

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Baby Shower Invitation

Baby shower invitation: The discovery of the baby, a new world starting, a lot of joy, a lot of happiness, a lot of protective instinct and a very short time kkkkkk. We know that the arrival of a baby requires an effort to reschedule, whether in simple or more complicated activity the baby always has priority. In a moment of such joy at the new arrival and rushing to come, did you find time to pack the baby shower? I bet you're crazy about this moment, but you do not even know where to start, we can invite you at this special moment to develop your online invitation for baby shower. When you think of an invitation, the image of all that rush to develop, approve, pick up the address of the guests and waste valuable time to deliver invitation by invitation comes soon. The time has passed where things worked like this, now with the conviter your life becomes much more practical and fast. Instead of having to scroll to see the invitations you can see all models of baby shower invitation from the comfort of your home or wherever you are, you can choose the ideal model through your computer, smartphone or tablet, all aimed at agility and practicality. And best of all, when you deliver the invitation, deliver your invitation in the most practical way possible through social networks, be it WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Send your baby shower invitation and receive the Confirmation Feedback on time. Convinced that the Online Baby Shower Invitation is the best option for you?

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Photo Invitations

Let your invitations even more personalized with your photo! Photo Invitations: For many a keepsake that will be kept for life, yes, many people keep photo invitations of the most important situations they've ever witnessed, be it a christening, graduation or 15-year party. What if we at could help you save this moment with each person? In addition to a super cute invitation it is possible to add your photo by leaving your invitation unique and much more special. Yes, there are problems with your information. Be the first to comment on this store! Be the first to comment on this store! Be the first to comment on this store! There are hundreds of invitations at your disposal to create the way you want and leave with your special touch to end with a beautiful picture, you know? Create an invitation for your 3-year-old's party and 10 years from now everyone will still have your invitation intact, do you know why? Because besides being an invitation with your photo to be super important, it will be digital and all the guests will have the invitation forever on their smartphones, tablets or computers. So in addition to all the advantages of, you have more of this novelty ready for you to create your invitation with photo and make it even more special, dispensing the logistics of delivery, confirming the presence much more quickly and easily and ecologically right. Are you ready to develop your photo invitation? Enjoy and know the other matters of our blog, with tips on how to use the online invitation, how to send through social networks and much more only at

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Online Event Invitation

Event Invitation Get to know the new trend of event invitations in the online format! Most probably you know some friends who have already done, are doing or going to do some event to gather friends, be it a more formal or relaxed event in the most diverse situations, such as weddings, birthdays, parties, weddings and so on. I believe you have heard about online event invitations, the new way you are being used to invite your friends. What few know is that the online invitation is not just about partying, birthday, baby shower, etc. The Online Invitation for formal Events has been growing a lot in the segment, since they are invitations with a more serious design that express the essence of the formalities of the occasion, some examples of events in this line are weddings, graduation, weddings among others. Our invitations are created by designers who have thought of every detail to leave your special invitation, be it the wedding with a more serious but romantic air or a children's party where the invitation represents jokes and fun. The varieties are huge, but what we would like to highlight are the numerous invitations used for more formal events and best of all with the practicality of the online invitation, always thinking that the environment thanks for not being wasting material.

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