The evolution in the delivery of an Invitation

Create your online invitation online, thousands of templates for you to edit and download

The more time passes, the more connected we are getting, whether by the computer, notebook, tablet or by the smartphone. It's clear that many things have changed, whether it's watching a movie, talking to people, or even inviting them to an event.

You should remember that until recently we had a traditional way of delivering invitations, that is, you would have to do it and then leave with a list of addresses to deliver the invitation to the invited guests, and then call one by one to confirm the presence.

With the advent of digital technology, we entered a phase where invitations could be sent by e-mail, which facilitated and much sending, but still had the discomfort of looking for someone to create the digital invitation, you approve, etc. Sending was easy, but there was often a risk of the invitation falling into the junk box and the guest did not even notice.

But, we have evolved even more! Nowadays we can make things easier for you, be it for a birthday party, bridal shower, graduation or even a happy hour. Now, you no longer have to wait for an agency to send you an invite, today you can create your invitation by yourself and forward it from wherever you are, much more practical and fast, maintaining the same quality of an invitation printed on a print shop.

But how do you do that? Oras, just go to Conviter. In this site you will include the necessary information like date, place, message and even photos to personalize. Then you have to register and pay, you will have access to an exclusive, modern and practical invitation.

Nothing to send emails or go out to deliver personally by spending foot of shoe or gasoline, with Conviter you will have access to the invitation in time, being able to download and send in the simplest, practical and with real-time feedback. Take advantage of social networking as a tool to send your invitation, send it through Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, WhatsApp groups and so on, whether for a more formal or a more relaxed occasion, the online invitation is very well received by invited guests.

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