5 Tips for using your online invitation

Ready online invitation templates for you to choose

Today we will introduce you to some tips so that we can take advantage of our invitations online!

Tips on how to forward your invitation, tips on adding messages to get your guest's attention, and more.

Tip 1: Keep your invitation simple and objective. Try not to write very long sentences, in addition to polluting your invitation there is a big chance that the guests do not read it, use short and effective sentences, for example: Birthday of 3 Year "Do not forget about my party", or add the image of the birthday child and write "I will be very happy with your Presence", opt for messages of sentimental appeal.

2nd Tip: Capriche in the Title. Instead of just writing invitation, modify and write: Birthday Invitation - 3 Years of Luiz, for example.

3rd Tip: Add photos. As we at conviter.com we offer the option to add photos to the invitations enjoy and capriche the chosen photo, check that it is not cut and that is very clear, this will leave your invitation with a unique look.

4th Tip: Check before finalizing. Before completing your invitation, review all the words, see if everything is written correctly or if you have something you want to change. Well, a well written invitation gives a good first impression to the guests.

5th Tip: Create a Broadcast List or Contact Group. If the event is more informal create a group of contacts and forward your invitation, always remembering to ask for confirmation of attendance. If it is a more formal event as a wedding we advise you to use a WhatsApp broadcast list so that you will forward the same message to several contacts at the same time and the person confirms at the same time and only you receive a more organized and practical to work with your online invitation.

These were some tips for you to enjoy your online invitation even more.