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With technology increasingly invading our environments, our interactions with other people and our day to day in general, it is no wonder that it even affected the invitations for any occasion. Whatever the event, with more or less relevance the online invitations are there!

Now is the online invitation as beautiful and with as many details as the invitations printed?

The design team at Conviter works hard to make our invitations as efficient as graphics templates, even with the ability to insert a photo that will make the invitation even more unique, becoming a keepsake for the guests.

The advantages of having an online invitation is that in addition to being quick and convenient to make, the cost is much lower and you can send it all at once to all the guests through chat applications or through Social Networks such as Facebook, Whats App and via email. No need to visit guest to guest and spend with transportation still.

Another advantage is that an online invitation can be archived in your digital folders, social media albums or even in the cloud, allowing access at any time. Quite different from the printed invitations, which were so well guarded that they were lost amid other memories.

With all these possibilities that technology allows us, it is not only the people who are benefited, but the nature as well! Digital invitations save our trees and save on paper and tapes, which often end up being dumped in the trash.

Access, create your own cheap invitation online and follow this trend. Your guests will love it.